About Us

iSys Integrity Ltd. was established by Dr Carl Sandom in 2003 to provide independent, high quality and low overhead systems engineering consultancy services specialising in Systems Safety and Human Factors Engineering for large-scale software intensive systems.

iSys Integrity Ltd. is highly adaptable to clients' requirements in terms of contract structure and working arrangements, and can readily provide whatever degree of on-site presence is required by the client. iSys Integrity is also able to call upon associate consultants to provide domain specific risk, safety and human factors specialist services whenever this is necessary to fulfil client needs.

iSys Integrity Ltd has been fully accredited by the IET as a Centre of Excellence for the development and provision of training services.

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Systems Safety Engineering

iSys Integrity has a thorough knowledge of managing the programme risks associated with implementing software-intensive systems safety programmes compliant with international safety standards such as MIL-STD 882, DO-178, DO-254, D0-278, ARP 4761, ARP 4754, IEC61508 and UK Defence Standard 00-56. iSys Integrity has considerable practical experience in undertaking Independent Safety Auditor roles and safe software-intensive systems procurement, development and certification within the Aerospace and Defence domains.


iSys Integrity has a proven record of providing diverse organisations with assistance in safety management activities such as:

  • Systems and Software Safety Certification
  • Programme/Project Safety Management
  • Software Safety Standards Compliance
  • Safety Management Systems Implementation
  • Safety Competence Management

Safety Training

Safety is often not a core skill for businesses requiring safety competence occasionally on specific safety-related programmes. The solution is usually to use safety consultants but there is a more cost-effective answer. iSys Integrity has extensive experience in helping businesses develop safety competence using its own staff.

Safety Competence Transfer (SafeCompX) combines the high degree of domain and systems knowledge provided by staff with a progressive mixture of classroom and on-the-job training (OJT) to transfer safety competence into the business. The advantage is obvious, the business retains safety competence and minimises its future specialist safety consultancy costs.

iSys Integrity has the following training courses available:

Course Name   Duration (days)   Next Course (Date, Location, Cost)
Introduction to Systems Safety 0.5 TBD
Systems Safety Engineering 4 TBD
Software Systems Safety 3 TBD
Human Factors for Safety 3 TBD
Safety Case Development 4 TBD
Systems Safety Assessment 4 TBD
Safety Analysis Techniques 4 TBD
Safety Management Systems 4 TBD
Safety Competence Management 3 TBD
Managing Maintenance Safety 3 TBD
Safety Audit and Review 3 TBD

Human Factors Engineering

Human Factors are often the cause of hazards within safety-related systems; however, system users often provide substantial mitigation between hazards and their associated accidents. iSys Integrity has extensive, practical experience in integrating Human Factors analyses into safety programmes to ensure that all system risks and mitigations are addressed to acheive the target level of safety. iSys Integrity is leading a working group responsible for the integration of Human Factors into the International Safety Standard IEC 61508.